So what happened?

Here is a short version of the blog posts.. call it an overview.

Easter weekend 2012 I did something stupid (completely sober) and jumped out a second story window across to a grass bank and the rest is history.  It was a dare and I am competitive : )
I was introduced to my lisfranc joint in a rather painful way! I had dislocated my metatarsals and had 4 fractures across the 2nd 3rd and 4th metatarsals. I had surgery to put 4 plates held in by 13 screws a week later.  I was non weight bearing in a cast for 7 weeks following surgery after which I went into a moon boot partial weight bearing to full weight bearing over another 4 weeks. Then in July I was allowed to move into normal shoes!
August I was back under the knife to have my hardware removed. Recovery was 2 weeks off work but could walk a few days after.
Right now it is over 9 months since this ordeal started and am so happy with where I am. Life has had to slightly adjust. Whenever I sit down I usually elevate my foot still because the swelling is still somewhat annoying. And its still quite stiff and a couple of numb toes.  But other than that I am returning to a normal life! Back to 8 hour work days standing and walking around. I consider myself very lucky.. I know there can still be complications that happen later down the track but touch wood that doesn’t ever happen.  Now I am focussed on leading a healthy life. Trying to build up my walking to do a 19.7km mountain crossing on my year anniversary. Making the most of having two normal (pretty  much) feet!
Even though this happened a while ago for me I am always happy to hear from others : )

Esther- 24/01/13


6 thoughts on “So what happened?

  1. Hi, I injured my foot on Jan 14, 2005 when my foot ubknowingly got caught up in a pool of electrical cords. I was mis-diagnosed for nearly a year. After being properly diagnosed by a wonderful podiatrist, I had surgery to correct the midfoot fracture and 2nd, third, and fourth metatarsal with 8 screws. 8 years later I am still in quite a lot of pain, and due to being on crutches and in a boot for 3 years I have also injured my lower lumbar and have permanent nerve pain down my leg. Nearly all activity has ceased, I can’t walk down the block without being in severe pain for 2 days. Now I have lost a half inch of bone in my big toe which makes my foot even more unstable. I am now on full disability as I cannot work as a hairstylist any longer and at 57 even with re-rtraining no one is going to hire me. I have tried that, believe me! I wouldn’t wish this injury on my worst enemy!.

    • Hi Jodee, I am so sorry to hear that you were misdiagnosed and about what this injury has done to you. Not sure if you had ORIF or fusion? Im sure you have explored all of the options available to you, but I am praying you do find some relief and help. Im sorry I don’t have anything to say that can help! All the best x

      • thankyou for writing to me. Yes I have done everything there is to do aside from amputation. There are many people who have done so to get away from the pain. To top it off, last week I lost my balance and fell. I try to just go with it and end up on the floor rather than take a chance of re-spraining an already bad foot as i go down. Well, this time I couldn’t stop what happened, when I lost my balance, my foot turned over and I did re-sprain my ankle and outside of the foot. My pain meds don’t give me adequate relief to begin with, now this added pain to contend with. Geez. Oh, I had a midfoot fusion, I’m not sure what a ORIF is. Let me know, OK?

        Thanks, J

      • Hi Jodee! I am so sorry I didn’t get an email notification of this post and have not been on to check my blog in a long time! So sorry that this is many months later.. How are you doing now? ORIF stands for open reduction internal fixation- and I think generally with a lisfranc it’s temporary (mine were removed about 4 months later) -but sometimes permanent- as opposed to fusion where they let the joint fuse in order to try limit movement and pain. Anyways, sorry again that I didn’t reply- let me know how you are doing 🙂 Esther

  2. Thank you for sharing your journey. I broke my lisfranc 2 months ago and am hopefully getting out of the cast and into a moon boot tomorrow. I can relate to feeling of being in limbo due to needing another surgery to remove plates. I have been crying reading your blog going through the feelings with you, knowing I am not alone and also the reality of the long journey ahead.

    • Hi bonny..
      I’m sorry you are having to go through this. Thanks for reading my blog and stopping to say something, it’s nice to know that it’s read by people who need it.
      It was a while ago for me now, but I do remember getting into the moon boot made mobility and independence a lot more manageable! So that’s a good thing! You’ll be able to shower better 🙂
      Feel free to stop in and talk if you need anything else.. Praying your outcome is one of the good ones, it does happen! It’s has been an adjustment but for me I have been able to get back to every day life so there’s hope!! X

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